DELIVERY – our project manager will do independent inspections of the site before giving the delivery instruction. Upon delivery, units are unwrapped and inspected before installation begins.

INSTALLATION – installations are carried out by qualified, permanent K’NEX installers and overall progress is managed by the project manager. Kitchen, wardrobe and component installation timelines will be communicated in advance and all the elements are finally wrapped to ensure your investment is protected.

Product guarantees ensure that only the finest in kitchen, wardrobe and component products are offered to our niche clientele

Cabinetry is defined by precision, quality, and functionality. Every component that makes up K’NEX Modular cabinet has been thought through; from the machined edging to the custom two-tone motif, providing the essential aesthetic element. All kitchen and cabinetry units are constructed using MDF & PB water-resistant boards, ensuring unrivaled quality and longevity of your product. All K’NEX cabinets display expert planning, state-of-the-art technology, and 21st-century craftsmanship, creating durable and unrivaled cabinet quality. K’NEX fittings and accessories use wide varied of brands to suit reasonable yet functional products.

Finishes define the overall design and are therefore essential that all materials used are timeless in appeal. K’NEX offers a different range of imported UV Coated Melamine finishes, from high gloss to matt. all surface tops suppliers and subcontractor are properly, briefed on product consistency;

All glass backsplash and doors are specified tempered, ensuring a safe and durable product and come in a gloss or matt finish.

All timbers are specified to companies that offer durable and quality product;

Laminates are an extremely durable and hard-wearing finish and offer a wide range of custom colors and textures in either a matt or gloss finish. K’NEX maintains all the products must be ideally functional, “Make Ideas Happen” that offers confidence to our clients in every detail of the product is thought through and carefully considered.