Every shop owner’s dream is to have customers looking through and buying the merchandise that they offer. But first and foremost, we need to go past a certain roadblock: get shoppers inside the store! This is where K’NEX can help you out. By providing your modular furniture needs that assure great quality, functionality, and style, you’re sure to catch potential customers’ eyes when we highlight all the wonderful things that you have for sale.


Regardless of the size of your store, you’re going to need trusty gondolas to showcase what items you have. With our customizable designs that are always stylish, we can help you keep everything neat and organized so that all your customers have to do is look, choose, then pay!

Nesting Table

Display unique finds and new merchandise by getting a nesting table that matches your shop’s theme. Help your customers direct their focus on your store’s latest offers by giving them an idea of what’s hot. This way, you can keep ringing in those purchases.


Utilize every inch of space in your shop so that you can show your customers more items by way of slatwalls. Definitely, something that we can tailor-fit to your liking, the excellent craftsmanship assures you of quality and durability. We’ll take care of it so that can display more and, more importantly, sell more.


Every shop needs racks, and we’re sure you’re no exception! Let us help you with storage and space-saving, giving you a way to keep smaller merchandise in order so that shoppers won’t feel like they’re going through a maze. Together, we can make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for.   

Counter Cashers

Transact in style with our modular counter cashers, which you can ask us to customize as needed. Carry out tasks promptly in order to wow your buyers—we’ll focus on the functionality while you focus on giving your customers the best service there is.


Keep your employees happy by providing them modular lockers for their storage needs. Ready to assist you with any style and size, we’ll you provide the people who work for you a safe and efficient means to store belongings. If they don’t need to worry about their things, they’ll be less distracted and will be able to better serve your customers.

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