People are always on the look-out for new places where they can experience gastronomic delights, but it’s not all about the food. Ambience plays as big a part as the delicacies a restaurant serves, and this is where K’NEX can lend you a trusty helping hand. By providing fully functional and high-quality modular furniture, we can turn your restaurant into a foodie’s ideal haven where they stay not just for their love of the treats—but also because they’re in love with space and everything in it.  


As the main furniture that will get the most action in any food establishment, it’s an expectation for tables to be both functional and sturdy. Bringing you customized designs based on the overall look of your restaurant, we can ensure that you’re providing nothing but comfort to your hungry customers as they enjoy their meals.


It’s not just the drinks that make the bar a restaurant highlight, it’s the functionality too. With our modular bars, you can expect a set up that makes it easy for both your staff and the customers to give and take quickly and efficiently, making everybody’s experience stellar.


Getting as much action as tables, our modular counters boast high-quality craftsmanship that ensures durability. Stylish and customizable, whether your focus is saving space or utilizing it, expect that we have the perfect fit just for your restaurant and just for you.


After a hearty meal, your guests will want to freshen up, and it’s time to impress them further. Enhance your customer’s overall restaurant experience by taking advantage of our modular vanity options so that they can truly say that it’s not just the food they’ll be coming back to for more, it’s the very place!

Rest Room

Your guests may not spend a lot of time in it, but restrooms are important, needed spaces that any establishment can’t live without. Provide functionality to your customers with our modular restrooms, tailor-fit for the comfort of use.

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