When people travel and stay elsewhere, they want a place they can call home away from home. Whether we’re talking about a hotel or resort, guests always want to be comfortable while enjoying their stay. And who doesn’t? K’NEX has what you need to make sure your accommodations boast only the best, providing the highest level of quality when it comes to modular furniture. The hospitality you offer should not only come from your staff—your establishment has to reflect it too.

Reception Desk

Everyone wants to make a good impression, which is why we offer custom-made reception desks according to your exact needs. Ensuring only high-level quality, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression as you both welcome and bid farewell to your guests.


To make sure guests are well-rested to enjoy the amenities that you offer, it goes without saying that the bedroom should not only be furnished well, it should be fully functional too. By providing you tailor-fit modular furniture that matches the style and feel of the accommodation, you can ensure that your guests will have a relaxing stay.


Providing ease and functionality for your guests when it comes to storage is vital for the duration of their “staycation”—and our modular closets are built exactly to do that. Not only are they space savers, our closets are also stylish and sturdy: just what your guests need.


Let us help you help your guests make sure that they look good. Our modular vanity furniture emphasizes our commitment of providing smooth functionality without sacrificing style and design. Inspire your guests to look their best by providing them a beautiful space where they can prepare, just before venturing out to enjoy your establishment’s facilities.

Lavatory Cabinet

Although only used as needed, the lavatory is one of the most important things people consider when looking for accommodation. Wow your guests with fully functional modular lavatory cabinets that are stylish and put-together perfectly to cater to their every need.

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